Lappset is one of the world’s leading playground and sports venue equipment manufacturers

For already 50 years, the Rovaniemi-based Lappset Group has encouraged and inspired people all around the world to play and exercise.

Back in 1970, Antero Ikäheimo noticed that there were no playgrounds available for children, which led him to establish the family company that focused on manufacturing playground equipment.

Nowadays Lappset is one of the world’s leading playground and sports venue equipment manufacturers. The head office and production plant of the international Lappset Group

are still located in Rovaniemi. At its production plant in Rovaniemi, Lappset produces its wooden playground and exercise product collections, such as Finno, Flora, Clover, Halo, Classic Sport, Fitness, Senior Sport and Street Workout.

The high-quality, durable products with a long lifecycle consider the needs of users from different age groups. For example, Lappset’s senior parks support active ageing and wellbeing for mind and body. The park and street equipment also provide spaces for socialising. Thanks to their interactive product collections, the company is a forerunner in playground and sports solutions in today’s digital age. Similarly, the themed activity parks provided using the turnkey principle, bring play, activity and togetherness to a completely new dimension, to the very core of meaningful experiences. Most recently, Lappset has entered into cooperation with the popular Moomins. The very first production of the Moomin Play by Lappset product range was the Moominhouse and grounds. One of Lappset’s trump cards is its PlayCare service that takes care of product installations, servicing and reparation work using the turnkey principle. Lappset Creative on the other hand conjures up unique themed activity parks that cater to the requirements of clients in the form of indoor and outdoor concepts.


Lappset achieves the best turnover of its 50-year history in 2019

Lappset’s turnover for 2019 was the best in the 50-year history of the Group and the second-best year for net profit. Lappset Group’s turnover increased 15 percent compared to the previous year, with all three business sectors experiencing a growth in turnover. The turnover for the group in 2019 was 73 million euros, with turnover in 2018 being 63.5 million euros. Net profit was 3.9 million euros, compared to 2.9 million euros in 2018. Particular growth in sales was achieved on the international markets, but there was also growth in the domestic market in Finland. The majority of growth in exports came from the theme park segment belonging to commercial project activities. 



  • Established in Rovaniemi in 1970. The group’s domicile and head office is located in Rovaniemi. Domestic sales office in Helsinki.

  • Lappset’s official company name is Lappset Group Oy.

  • Lappset is a family-run limited company and one of the leading suppliers in its industry. Lappset’s products and solutions support the well-being of people of all ages through play and physical activity.

  • Lappset employs over 400 people in nine different countries. In Finland, the company employs around 200 people. Lappset Group is made up of the parent company and 15 subsidiaries in nine different nations (Finland, China, Estonia, France, Germany, the Netherlands (Yalp), Sweden, the UK and the USA). The group’s subsidiaries in Finland are Lappset Finance Oy, Lappset Liikuntapaikat Oy and Fantasia Works Oy.

  • Lappset production plants are located in three different nations. Wooden products are manufactured in Rovaniemi, and the metallic components and product ranges are produced at Lappset Estonia Oü’s factory in Tallinn. Meanwhile, the majority of park and street furniture in Lappset Sweden AB’s factory is in Enköping.

  • In addition to the subsidiary network, Lappset Group Oy’s distribution network stretches out over approximately 60 nations from Europe the Middle East, Asia and Australia and North America.

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