Likiliike promotes the commercial activities of local enterprises by providing a community that offers opportunities related to communications, marketing, commercialisation, development work, and cooperation. The intention is to enrich the townscape and its vitality.

The Likiliike office is located in the Business Rovaniemi premises, right in the very heart of the town at Ainonkatu 1.

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A true platform for cooperation

Likiliike is an active platform in Rovaniemi for entrepreneurial cooperation and activity, with the service idea of deepening a love of the home district and building an emotional bond with local attributes.  The organisation comprises truly local, certified actors who together enliven and enrich Rovaniemi’s urban life using various means of cooperation. Likiliike operates in the Business Rovaniemi premises.

Today our town's Likiliike has over 200 authentically local members representing almost every sector: participation by a wide range of retail stores, brick-and-mortar businesses, restaurant and hospitality activity, culture, health and wellbeing services, and plenty of specialists in a variety of company services. In addition to the City of Rovaniemi, Likiliike partners include, e.g. Lapin Kansa local newspaper, Pohjolan Osuuspankki bank and Wetteri vehicle dealership.

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Likiliike’s principle tasks include

  • Promoting the competitiveness and market working of Rovaniemi-based, genuinely local enterprises and associations
  • Highlighting the importance of local businesses in marketing communications and advertising
  • Inspiring the townspeople and visitors to direct their own purchasing power towards local businesses
  • Creating a strong network among member companies, from which members acquire products and services for the needs of their own enterprises using their local, own network.

Our close cooperation with entrepreneurs aims at retaining a versatile range of private services in Rovaniemi that also act as employers for thousands of townspeople. This is a question of a refined cooperative network of entrepreneurs who have rooted themselves and their offerings with the inhabitants of Rovaniemi. Likiliike also inspires broad national interest among different municipalities and towns

The entrepreneurs committed to our town and Business Rovaniemi have created shared goals for promoting vitality. Likiliike’s objective is continuity, the development of services and, above all, a change in buying habits. The undertaking is for regular consumers, tourists and public organisations to be able to better discover the local sources for acquisitions. Likiliike appeals to the growing number of value consumers and strives to evoke emotion: a love of Rovaniemi.

Likiliike is an independent division of Rovaniemen Yrittäjät ry (Rovaniemi Federation of Entrepreneurs) whose operations are driven by a management group of 6–8 members and chairperson. The management group is elected each year from its members at its statutory autumn meeting. Operative activities are handled by Likiliike’s operative manager.


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More information about operations and membership:


Marika Tiikkaja
Likiliike Operative Manager
Tel. +358 45 151 8900

Mirkka Koskelainen
Chairperson of the Likiliike Management Group
Tel. +358 40 550 6026 

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