Active cooperation networks

Rovaniemi is an actively networked international town and Business Rovaniemi is the activator for its businesses. We are involved in locally and internationally operating enterprise and cooperative networks so that Rovaniemi-based enterprises find it easier to create contacts in different parts of the world.

Using good enterprise networks, we develop our town to become an increasingly innovative and international town. For example, with the local entrepreneur association we have created the nationally unique Likiliike concept that promotes the generation, establishment and development of local services.

We genuinely want to make fluent cooperation with the entrepreneurs in our area. Regular events for cooperation and networking are organised by the Business Rovaniemi team in cooperation with different actors. Your enterprise can be easily and fluently involved in a variety of networks by contacting our experts.

Local enterprise networks


The Rovaniemi Federation of Entrepreneurs is an entrepreneurial association that is owned by local entrepreneurs and private bodies that supervises the functional and economic interests of entrepreneurs and enterprises on the local level.

By becoming a member of the association of entrepreneurs, you will be able to exert influence and enjoy the valuable benefits provided by the entire federation and our cost-free expert services. Above all, you will get to network with other local entrepreneurs representing a variety of sectors.

We represent over 800 entrepreneurs, so there are plenty of networking opportunities available to you. You can also participate in the events of the umbrella organisation Suomen Yrittäjät, such as local, regional or national entrepreneur days, where you will meet potential partners and customers.


Rovaniemen Yrittäjät (Rovaniemi Federation of Entrepreneurs)


  • Influences decision making on municipal and district levels concerning business policies.
  • Our goal is to create the best possible conditions for business in the Rovaniemi area.
  • We communicate the significance of private business activity and its prerequisites for functioning in our area.
  • We organise events in Rovaniemi.
  • We provide current information and news to our members.
  • Consolidates private entrepreneurs into a professional association.
  • Conducts tasks issued by the central organisation (Suomen Yrittäjät) and regional organisation (Lapin Yrittäjät).


We welcome you to join the team!

                      Johanna Niemelä



Our regional organisation Lapin Yrittäjät holds a very influential role in Lapland.

Suomen Yrittäjät supervises the interests of entrepreneurs by, for instance, lobbying government, parliament and important interest groups.

Read more about the Rovaniemi Federation of Entrepreneurs and join the entrepreneurial organisation.






Rovaniemen Yrittäjänaiset ry was founded in 1948 and is an organisation that represents female entrepreneurs! We are an association of around a hundred female entrepreneurs that belongs to the Women Entrepreneurs of Finland. We are a working group of sole entrepreneurs with a few entrepreneurs that also employ others.

We are experts in our sector. We hold knowledge in a number of fields, which is precisely the perfect reason to join us. Start-up entrepreneurs will receive support from those with more experience, and peer support is extremely valuable for everyone!

We make company visits, hold club evenings, and organise trips for members. Our Traditional Women Entrepreneurs Christmas Bazaar has been arranged for decades!

We have our own club premises that we hire out to others for a reasonable price! It is a popular venue for small family celebrations, meetings and training events! Together we are more, is the motto of the Women Entrepreneurs of Finland.


Further information available from:

Paula Kormano / Chair of Women Entrepreneurs of Rovaniemi
Tel. +358 400 442 802

We welcome your membership:


Regional networks

The Lapland Chamber of Commerce represents business for Lapland as an entirety, and with its actions, it brings economic success for its member enterprises and business in the region. At the very core of activities is the promotion of commercial activity, entrepreneurship, economic freedom, equal competition and international trade.

The members of the Lapland Chamber of Commerce include enterprises of all sizes from all sectors and industries throughout the region of Lapland, municipalities and other business stakeholders. The activities of the Lapland Chamber of Commerce is guided by the government and the Chamber’s committees engage in advocacy work.

Lapland Chamber of Commerce offers its members high-quality education, lobbying and authority services, as well as other advisory services, either directly or through the Chamber of Commerce network.

The Lapland Chamber of Commerce is an active actor in promoting internationalisation by providing its members information pertaining to changes in the operating environment and assisting enterprises in networking, particularly in the northernmost regions of Europe and globally through the Chamber of Commerce network.

The Chamber of Commerce Group comprises 19 Chambers of Commerce and the Central Chamber of Commerce. The operations of the Chambers of Commerce are governed by the Chamber of Commerce Act that was ratified in 2002. Membership of the Chamber of Commerce is voluntary in Finland.


The objectives of the Lapland Chamber of Commerce for the coming years have been listed in the advocacy plan that is divided into five sections:

1. Enhancement of advocacy for Lapland and business policy

2. Traffic connections and accessibility

3. Simplification and acceleration of permit processes

4. Energy policy

5. Training and labour force as part of competitiveness


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Lapin Yrittäjät is a regional organisation of Suomen Yrittäjät that is the supervisor of the interests of entrepreneurs based in Lapland and a societal influencer promoting business and entrepreneurship.

Lapin Yrittäjät works as a regional organisation for advocacy tasks for the region, supports local-level advocacy work in municipalities, and is an expert organisation for central government.

By joining the entrepreneur association, you will receive national, regional and local membership benefits. Your regional association in Rovaniemi is Lapin Yrittäjät (Lapland Federation of Entrepreneurs) and the local association is Rovaniemen Yrittäjät (Rovaniemi Federation of Entrepreneurs). Each new member strengthens the influence of the association and advance the status of Lapland’s entrepreneurs!

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House for marketing and communications for the whole of Lapland

House of Lapland Oy is Lapland’s regional organisation for marketing and communications that is a non-profit limited liability company. The organisation is owned by the municipalities of Lapland, universities and Lapin Yrittäjät (Lapland Federation of Entrepreneurs). The City of Rovaniemi is involved in the regional communications company.

House of Lapland Oy makes sure that Lapland is seen and heard, and appeals as a travel destination, place to live, filming location, and as an Arctic business environment. Above all, we share tales about life that are above ordinary. Discover our stories using the subject tags: #OnlyinLapland #MunLappi #FilmLapland #BusinessLapland.


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National networks

Together we are more

Suomen Yrittäjät offers its members a channel of advocacy for the decision making and influencing of municipal, regional, national and industry-specific subjects.

Suomen Yrittäjät undertakes to improve the status of entrepreneurs and the conditions for entrepreneurship. The intention is to make Finland the best place to be an entrepreneur. The premiss for the organisation’s own activities are the values it specifies: courage, reliability and renewal.

Suomen Yrittäjät is Finland’s largest central business organisation that boasts more that 115 000 member enterprises. Of Finland’s 90,000 employer companies, 50,000 are members of Suomen Yrittäjät.

The operations of the Federation are based on almost 400 local organisations, 20 regional organisations and 60 organisations focused on specific industries.

Your regional association in Rovaniemi is Lapin Yrittäjät (Lapland Federation of Entrepreneurs) and the local association is Rovaniemen Yrittäjät (Rovaniemi Federation of Entrepreneurs).

Read more about the Finland Federation of Entrepreneurs and join the entrepreneurial organisation. (


We provide entrepreneurs with information, assistance and advice. This is how we help entrepreneurs succeed.


We bring entrepreneurs together, we create a unique network throughout Finland.


We lobby the interests of entrepreneurs on local, national and European levels.


These are a few subjects we influence:

  • Easing recruitment using legislation, which reduces recruitment risks (2019)
  • Shortening of the own liability for the sick leave daily allowance of entrepreneurs from four days down to one day (2018)
  • Improvement of the unemployment security for family members of an entrepreneur (2019)
  • A starting capital of €2,500 is no longer required for establishing a limited liability company (2019)
  • Amendment to competition legislation: competition should be fairer between the public and private sectors (2019)

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Ota yhteyttä


Business Rovaniemi is a business and company services unit for entrepreneurs and those considering entrepreneurship in Rovaniemi. The development and funding services provided for enterprises has been revamped, and a new electronic service and payment system has been created to make all dealings even more fluent. Business Rovaniemi has its offices in the town centre at Ainonkatu 1.