A unique property in a growing tourist area

Rovaniemi is now offering a rare opportunity for tourism enterprises and investors: An entirety on the hillside of Ounasvaara with extremely high business potential. 

Located in the immediate vicinity of the Santa Claus Golf Course, the complex is surrounded by a wilderness-like forest area, and is surrounded by a variety of tourism-supporting services at Ounasvaara Ski Resort. The site is especially suitable for developing a year-round resort-type entirety for customers interested in active holidays, in both domestic and international markets. The site will be sold to the winner of a general, open deed of transfer competition.

You can enter the deed of transfer competition through to 30 November 2021. It is estimated for the selection decision to be published in January 2022.

The site borders a golf course with 18 holes that is used during the summer months. Golf can also be played in winter, when nine of the greens turn into ‘whites’ during the winter months. The ski slopes of Ounasvaara Ski Resort are only around a kilometre away, and the ski slopes can be reached almost directly from the property. The summer and winter mountain biking and hiking trails are only a few minutes away. In addition, the destination is easily accessible: in just a few minutes you can travel from the heart of the forest to the town centre, the airport and the Arctic Circle with the Santa Claus Village.

Information about the site

Address Golfkentäntie 13-16

Area coverage 36 614 m²

Building rights 14 645 m²

Price 150,46 EUR/kem²

Total price 2 203 445 EUR


Take part in the plot deed competition

Take part in the plot deed transfer competition by submitting your application by 3 p.m. on 30 November 2021 to the registry office of the City of Rovaniemi by email to kirjaamo@rovaniemi.fi or by regular mail. For more detailed guidance, please see the section ‘Instructions for submitting your application’ below.

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The site is situated in a place of great importance in terms of landscape and requires a high level of quality for its construction. Therefore, the application procedure is a public, open competition for deed transfer. The deed transfer competition welcomes applications through to 30 November 2021. The estimated selection decision will be published in January 2022.

Using this competition, we are seeking a plan for the site to implement at least 80% of the building rights allocated in the local detailed plan. The objective is to achieve an adequately architecturally high-quality and attractive entity that is naturally connected to other activities in the region and takes into account the elevation of the site and views of the area. The handover of the site is decided on the basis of a quality evaluation of the proposals. The selection criteria aim to ensure the quality of construction and a solution that blends in with the valuable environment.

Assessment criteria

  • Concept for use of the area and implementation schedule: (40%)
  • Project financing plan: (35%)
  • Architecture and blending in with the landscape: (20%)
  • References of similar projects: (5%)

For more detailed instructions on how to enter, please see below.

The terms and selection criteria for the transfer of RM plots in the Golf course area


1.1. Organiser, objective and composition

The City of Rovaniemi is organising a public and open deed transfer competition for the implementation of the RM plots (plots allocated for tourism construction) located at the address 13–16 Golfkentäntie. The plots to be transferred are located north of the golf course and east of the Tottarakka downhill skiing slope. The plots to be transferred are marked on the attached location map.

In terms of landscape, the site is located in a place of great importance and requires a high level of quality for its construction.

The purpose of the application procedure is to obtain a high-quality plan for the plots in which at least 80% of the building rights allocated to the area in the local detailed plan are implemented.

This is a selection procedure in which a quality contest will be used to select the developers of the properties with registration numbers 698-4-442-1, 698-4-443-1, 698-4-433-1 and 698-4-466-2.

The tourism building site plan according to the local detailed plan shall be presented for the plots to be transferred. The applicant may present either the implementation of the entire property to be transferred or an individual plot.  

In addition, the applicant shall provide a preliminary implementation schedule, a project financing plan, and details about the resources available to the applicant to complete the planning for the project.   

The City of Rovaniemi reserves the right to transfer the plots of the area to one or more applicants and to refuse to accept any application.  

The Spatial Data and Plot Services unit of the City of Rovaniemi is responsible for organising the property deed of transfer competition. The Planning and Building Control unit is also involved in practical arrangements. After the deed transfer competition, the selected plot winner(s) undertake to negotiate the implementation of their plan as proposed.

1.2. Competition time
  • Application procedure time 15 June - 30 November 2021   
  • Estimated selection decision January 2022


1.3. Submission of applications

In order to participate in the deed transfer competition, a proposal prepared in accordance with the guidelines defined in this document must be submitted to the Registry Office of the City of Rovaniemi.


The application period ends on 30 November 2021 at 3 p.m., by which time applications must be lodged at:


City of Rovaniemi / Registry Office

Koskikatu 25

96200 Rovaniemi


or by email:


The consignment must include the subject or mention of “Implementation of the tourism building area of Golfkentäntie”.

The application procedure shall follow the rules set out in these guidelines which the applicant demonstrates that it accepts when submitting its proposal and participating in the competition. Applications arriving after the deadline will not be taken into account.

The City of Rovaniemi reserves the right to extend the time allocated for the application procedure.



2.1. Starting points and planning area

ILMAKUVA tiedostosta Golfkentäntie_iso.png


The plots for transfer are located on the Golfkentäntie road with plots marked in the local detailed plans as being allocated for buildings serving the tourist industry (RM). In the regulations for the local detailed plan, the intended use is a district of buildings that serve tourism. The construction of quarters in the area is subject to the following special provisions:

  • As a rule, the roads within the area should be constructed in the direction of the downhill skiing slope.
  • Construction located close to the downhill skiing slope must involve placement of buildings in such a way that the buildings are staggered to maintain the forest nature on the downhill skiing slope.
  • The number of embankments resulting from the construction must be minimised and the embankments must be landscaped with suitable material for the surrounding environment.
  • It is recommended for the skiing slope RM area (plot allocated for buildings serving the tourist industry) to incorporate the installation of a storm water management system dimensioned to 1 m3/100m2 by roof coverage.
  • The rainwater from the roofs and other overland runoff and storm water are to be either absorbed or conducted into the terrain in a controlled manner.

For more information about the planning area, please see the attached material:

  • Location map, area boundary (Appendix 1)
  • Local detailed plan and related material (Appendix 2)


2.2. Sites to be transferred

The properties are transferred by sale. The pricing of the plots is based on the deed of transfer terms and conditions and the pricing determined by the Rovaniemi City Council in Section 36 of the meeting convened on 27 January 2020. Pricing is based on two independent appraisals.

Plot  Address  Area coverage m2 Cross floor area kem2        Price €/kem2   Total price

698-4-442-1 Golfkentäntie 13 10.243 4.097 150,46 € 616423 €

698-4-443-1 Golfkentäntie 15 11.200 4.480 150,46 € 674048 €

698-4-433-1 Golfkentäntie 14 7.083 2.833 150,46 € 426245 €

698-4-466-2 Golfkentäntie 16 8.088 3.235 150,46 € 486729 €

Prices are adjusted to the price level at the time of transfer in line with the change in the cost-of-living index. Otherwise, the general terms and conditions of sale approved by the City of Rovaniemi shall be respected.



3.1. Assessment criteria

In terms of landscape, the plots up for transfer are located in a place of great importance and requires a high level of quality for its construction. The selection criteria aim to ensure the quality of construction and a solution that blends in with the valuable environment.

The objective is to achieve an adequately architecturally high-quality and attractive entity that is naturally connected to other activities in the region and takes into account the elevation of the site and views of the surrounding area. 

The handover of the plots is decided on the basis of a quality evaluation of the submitted proposals. The evaluation will focus on the following elements:

Usage concept and implementation schedule: (40%)

  • Suitability for the unique location
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of the plan
  • Lifecycle impacts of implementation


    Project financing plan: (35%)

  • The implementing organisation and its credibility
  • Economic and technical conditions


    Architecture and blending in with the landscape: (20%)

  • The quality of architecture
  • Consideration of the green factor
  • The originality and attractiveness of the proposal
  • The suitability of the proposal for the site of great landscape value
  • Affiliation with the surrounding area

References of similar projects: (5%)

 In the case of the proposed plan, the overall solution is considered more important than the accuracy of the details.


3.2. General planning guidelines

In its proposal, the applicant shall submit a plan for the use of the site for the plots applied for, as follows: 

For buildings, the following guidelines shall be followed:

  • In the plan, construction per plot must cover at least 80% of the building rights allocated in the local detailed plan.
  • All structures and terraces that are to be included in the floor area shall be located within the boundaries of the building area indicated in the local detailed plan. Steps, ramps, and other structures may be located to a limited extent outside the construction area.
  • The design should take into account the resource and energy efficiency of buildings as well as the lifecycle impacts (e.g. One Click LCA) in the spirit of Finland’s new Land Use and Building Act. (Further information available from: https://figbc.fi/tietopankki/).
  • The main façade materials are wood and glass.
  • The design solutions should take into account the green factor, i.e. the preservation of existing tree stands and the use of a permeable yard surface materials and the application of design solutions to protect against erosion.
  • The operator is responsible for joining the public water and sewerage network and for connecting to the electricity grid.
  • Parking shall be organised on the plots. The City of Rovaniemi does not commit itself to implement new parking places in the area or to making parking places available to the operator.


3.3. Reservation and transfer a plot(s)

Following the closing of the application period, the City Council decides the recipients of the plots in accordance with the assessment criteria set out in Section 3.1 herein.

The assessment will be reported in a protocol containing a general review and reviews specific for each proposal.

The City of Rovaniemi has the right to reject the proposal(s) if they do not meet the quality requirements of the competition programme.

  • The City of Rovaniemi will reserve the plot(s) to one or more applicants on the basis of the overall assessment.
  • The recipients of the plots must undertake to purchase the plots to be transferred and to implement the plan in accordance with the plans they have presented in their proposals.
  • The recipient of the reservation shall be responsible for the required design/planning costs.



4.1. Supplementary material
  • Application procedure (this document)
  • Location map, plots for transfer
  • Base map / Public utility maps (water and sewerage, DWG)
  • Timeline
  • Oblique aerial images of the area
  • Ortho-images


4.2. Proposal documents

The applicant shall provide the following documents:

A signed application

The free-form written application that responds to the objectives set by this application procedure. It shall indicate the main principles of the applicant's business idea and concept, financial plan, implementation schedule, references, and an account of what resources the applicant has to complete the project design. 

Spatial plan 1:2000

  • Joining the Golfkentäntie road entirety


    General layout 1:500

  • The incorporation of building mass or masses into their immediate surroundings by quarter
  • Treatment of the immediate area surrounding the building(s) (pathways, terraces)
  • Elevation data and possible changes in elevations

  Façades and cross-section drawings 1:100


  Street façades and cross-section drawings 1:500

  • The required number of street façades and cross-section drawings to show the relationship of the building to the park, the surrounding area, and neighbouring buildings
  • Façade drawings taken from all directions
  • The required number of cross-section drawings

Artistic illustrations

  • At least two perspective images / photographic adaptations to illustrate the design






Explore key figures for tourism

You can find current key figures for tourism in Rovaniemi on the Visitory.io online service. Check out the figures and download the report. If necessary, we will help with additional facts. 

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Rovaniemi is one of Finland’s most important destinations for international tourism. When looking at the number of overnight stays by international tourists, Rovaniemi comes in second after the Helsinki metropolitan area. With its eight seasons and rich culture, Lapland makes it possible to develop a range of diverse and attractive tourist services. 

The growth of tourism in Rovaniemi was strong before the coronavirus pandemic. Two-thirds of tourists were international and there were constant flows of tourists visiting the city from different places of departure. The occupancy rate of accommodation establishments (59% on average in 2019) and the room rate (€149) were well above the average for Finland. There is a lot of pent-up demand and international trends support the growth expectations of tourism in Rovaniemi. In the post-COVID-19 world, tourists are increasingly attracted by a small scale destinations, security and proximity to nature. The tourist city offers a strong growth platform for entrepreneurs. Rovaniemi has training in the field and a skilled workforce, and the possibility to network with other actors operating in the meaningful experience industry.

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