The following sectors in particular offer opportunities for success in Rovaniemi:

1. Northern centre for business. Rovaniemi’s central location, excellent traffic connections, university town and highly educated workforce provide enterprises with a competitive edge for the opportunities available in the Arctic region.

2. Tourism.  Rovaniemi is Finland’s most popular tourist destination for foreign tourists after Helsinki. Over half a million visitors a year.  Rovaniemi’s tourism offerings can be found at More information about growth possibilities in the area has been compiled here: Invest-In-Rovaniemi-Brochure.pdf

3. Industrial production. A competent workforce and tailored training services are available. The largest industrial enterprises are the Canadian snowmobile manufacturer BRP Finland Oy and the globally active, Rovaniemi-based Lappset Group Oy.

4. Creative sector. International films and music videos are produced in Rovaniemi. The City of Rovaniemi is home to House of Lapland’s Lapland Film Commission. One-third of all of Finland’s industrial designers graduate from the University of Lapland, not to mention a talented group of artistic professionals and service designers.  Rovaniemi is the Arctic Design Capital, with its strong foundations in handicrafts.

5. Cold-air testing. Snowy winters, a cold technology laboratory and test tracks make Rovaniemi a significant test centre environment in Europe The Arctic Centre is a top-level research unit of the University of Lapland focusing on producing Arctic information. Although testing conditions can be a bit chilly, the reception in Rovaniemi is certainty warm!   

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