The availability of a competent workforce is a critical success factor for growth and vitality in the town. Here in Rovaniemi, this is safeguarded using close cooperation between enterprises, the City of Rovaniemi, educational organisations and the TE administration (employment and economic development services).

The availability of a competent workforce is assisted by positive population development and the town's status as a hub for expertise. People from all over the region and Finland apply for Rovaniemi’s vocational and university education places. Rovaniemi is also of interest to international students. The wide variety of studying opportunities facilitates the availability of labour, thereby encouraging young people to stay in the region.

The diversity of the business structure is also one of Rovaniemi’s benefits, which means that the future is not concentrated on a single actor or sector. Our largest providers of employment are social and health care, retail trade, tourism, education, and public administration.

The City of Rovaniemi has introduced plenty of measures for the enhancement of the town strategy and growth programme that we use for strengthening viable and diverse businesses and for promoting employment. The development of vitality and employment has been more distinctly highlighted into a single entirety, thereby enabling us to cater for the requirements for promoting vitality and employment hand in hand. Good examples of joint platforms are this website and its actors, and the Osaamo and Ohjaamo functions that concretely bring together, for the use of both employers and labour force, all the town's employment services, TE services, educational establishments and services provided by other networks.

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“Here in Rovaniemi in cooperation with various actors, we have innovated services related to the availability of a competent workforce. We want to be an easy partner in the growth and development of enterprises.
Osaamo has the resources for helping you with recruitment. Contact us!” Project Manager Joni Minkkinen.

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