Experts and business development

We produce, organize and develop services for businesses  and  organisations.

We offer free of charge business development services and business advising for start-ups.  We help companies to find investments, innovations and premises. We also help businesses with their  internationalization needs.

Rovaniemi Development Ltd. is owned by the city of Rovaniemi and the municipality of Ranua. Our subsidiary company is Rovaniemi Tourism & Marketing Ltd.

Business counselling

How to set up a company

  • Basic information about entrepreneurship
  • Evaluation of the business idea
  • Evaluation of the business plan
  • Profitability calculations, evaluation of risks
  • Company forms, permissions, licenses
  • Company registration process
  • Premises, insurances
  • Grants, financing

Evaluation of profitability

  • Start-up investments
  • Fixed costs
  • Sale volumes, variable costs
  • Price setting, gross margin
  • Profitability, cash flow statements
  • Sources of financing